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Our isolation stands are based on a modular system that can be upgraded in countless ways.

Based on having sold our isolation stands worldwide over 25 years, we have been  collecting our customers’ feedback about the upgrades they have chosen. In addition, we asked them to include their ranking of what upgrades should come first after purchasing CORE. Their feedback matches our own R&D done with focus groups, a quintessential step in deciding if a prototype deserves to be added to the product line.
Key upgrade steps to improve sound via proper isolation from least expensive to most expensive.
  • Adding dual channels for wire management.
  • Lift CORE off the floor with Semi-suspension.
  • Lift CORE completely off floor with Full-suspension.
  • Replace wood shelving with single layer acrylic shelving.
  • Adding cabinet to shield electronics for airborne resonance.
  • Upgrading single layer acrylic with engineered shelving.
  • Upgrading single layer acrylic with EIB’s (Engineered- Isolation Blocks).
  • Upgrade Mainframe materials (steel to aircraft grade aluminum to triple layer acrylic sandwich frame.
The most forgotten electronics in a system, but some of the most crucial to be isolated, are amplifiers and loudspeakers. Especially when placed directly on hardwood floors without proper isolation.  Although their job is “only to amplify and emit” an electronic signal, the sound suffers tremendously due to the floor being its own resonance body. 


Engineered Shelving
Do you want the very best we offer?
Our Master Reference level is the answer.
One of the essential parts is engineered shelving, a double layer custom acrylic shelf with constrained layer damping technology inside.
The Master Reference level is achieved when adding the custom triple layer acrylic frame.

ELEVATION, frame with Aluminum-Isolators (AL) + Visco-Elastics (VE) only

ELEVATION with AL + VE and engineered shelving

ELEVATION with AL+VE + Engineered Shelving + Engineered Isolation Blocks (EIB)

ELEVATION with Speaker

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