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Why pARTicular

Who are our customers?

There is one thing our customers have in common—no matter which continent they live on or how diverse their background. They all share the  same fundamental approach to distinguish the products on the market: They invest time to find out who is a market leader and why.
(read about their 20 top criteria below)

All of their research came to one and the same conclusion. They have chosen pARTicular because our products have earned their trust.

How do we know?

Our business has grown consistently, because our customers share their experience about our products with their friends. That has created a solid referral business for us, allowing us to redirect funds—that would normally go to advertising—into fine tuning our products continuously. We are listening to our customers as it helps us better understand what they want and helps guide our product development.

This is one of the many reasons, why in over two decades, we have never had a product returned because it did not meet their expectations.

Although we would never claim ourselves to offer the very best product on the market, here is a list of industry associates that have our back. They used our isolation platforms on various international conventions, in their own research facilities, at home, because our products offer ultimate isolation.

Click here for a list of associates who use our products.

Why have our products won every competition they were entered?

The answer is simple:

We invested multiple years in research and development to created a superior product that exhibits functionality, versatility, flexibility and the option to keep changing its function and look.

Whenever YOU want.  

You have complete freedom to design the piece that works best for you.
See how to get started here.


  1. Our established track record. We are trusted by audiophiles.
  2. The unique engineering and design of our pieces has won multiple international awards over the past two decades.
  3. Patented designs.
  4. Recognized by high-end electronics manufacturers as the best.
  5. Superior German engineering and quality.
  6. Made entirely in the USA, not with sourced overseas parts.
  7. We have won every competition we have entered.
  8. Superior customer service.
  9. Easy to ship.
  10. Easy to assemble.


  1. Design your own isolation platform based on your requirements. It makes no sense to have a manufacturer dictate shelf dimensions, shelf spacing, isolating abilities or display configurations of your system. It is entirely up to you.
  2. You determine how many shelves you need and how you want to arrange them (vertically or horizontally).
  3. Adjust each shelf infinitely – allowing you to choose the perfect spacing between shelves. Prevent waste of space from small or thin equipment, optimize airflow for hot running equipment (tubes), and maximize performance.
  4. You can add or remove shelves. Quite often, when someone upgrades or adds to their electronics, a new rack needs to be purchased. NOT with our products, you won’t run out of space as you can add individual shelves whenever you need. Of course you can remove shelves as well.
  5. Upgrade in various ways. You can order larger shelves or shelves with better acoustical performance. 
  6. You can convert the CORE unit with multiple upgrades of suspension. Disconnect your sensitive electronic equipment from floor borne resonances and provide better management of electronic equipment induced resonances (turntables, transports, reel to reel, tapes, etc).
  7. Certain products allow you to expand to the sides (shelves placed next to each other instead of vertically). 
  8. You can choose from various finishes to match the decor of your home.
  9. You can choose from different frame heights and widths.
  10. You will protect your initial investment. Your rack does not end up on the landfill, but can be passed on to the next generation
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