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Zebrano Collection

Looking back ….my parents and I would sometimes stroll in the city of Cologne, which included a visit to our favorite window displays, while enjoying Italian ice cream.

My dad’s highlight was to visit his Leica’s, my mom was mostly interested in design (furniture, shoes, flower arrangements) and, although there was a toy store featuring remote controlled model airplanes, I always wanted to visit “my box”. It was a decorative box in an antique shop window, exhibiting zebra stripes that I could not take my eyes off.

Its price was a few years of my allowance, so I tried to make extra money by working in mom’s furniture store, collecting shopping carts and having a paper route. My plan was to make it my special box before long.

Then, on one of our weekend strolls, it was not there. We could not believe it was gone. What lesson did I learn? “If I ever see anything handmade that I deeply appreciate for its form or function, I must acquire it.”

It took almost 25 years before the West African Zebrawood re-entered my life. I had established pARTicular and celebrated my first product release incorporating Zebrawood.

I had selected 1000 board feet, all quarter sawn, exhibiting various alternating grain pattern colors from the classical beiges and browns to the rare orange or reddish versions. I had put aside some with very unique grain patterns. Over the years I kept going back to these saved treasures making commissioned jewelry for my customers.

Every finished small pendant I have made reminds me of “my special box” and it has been an highlight to know where they all ended up. They have been shipped to all continents, except Africa. Go figure. I am not giving up and hope that one day, I will send a piece back to the original home of Zebrawood in West Africa.

Pendant: African zebrano wood (tropical wood with alternating grain)
Necklace: copper, but can be removed, if buyer prefers to choose a different look.

Lower serial numbers are more desired by collectors of pARTicular products. As with all creations, Serial No.001 is kept for the owner’s private collection.

Every pendant seen in this Collection will be shipped in a custom made walnut box. We choose to use solid walnut for the box to create a very nice dovetail construction.  It allows you to present the pendant in a very unique and beautiful way.

If you don’t see what you are looking for in this listing, feel free to contact pARTicular via the website.

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