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Manufacturers listed below have used pARTicular products at international tradeshows, at their manufacturing facilities, and in their homes for personal use.

Very often high-end electronics are much larger and heavier that any standard shelf could accommodate. Especially amplifiers, turntables with external motor and floor-standing loudspeakers require extra isolation and resonance control. We are looking forward to sharing our many solutions that have worked for hundreds of applications.

Please find below just a few companies we have built successfully for in the last 25 years.

Art Audio Aavik Arion
Audio ART Accuphase Arya
Audio Artistry Acoustic Signature Audio Note
Audio Note Allnic Avalon
Audio Physics Arcam Basis
Bel Canto Audeze BAT
Bergmann Audio Research Burmester
Boulder Ayon CAT
Cantano B&W CEC
Carver Benz Chord
Constellation Bricasti Classe
Esoteric Brinkmann Clear Audio
Goldmund Cary Continuum
Hovland CH Precsion DCS
Jadis Conrad Johnson Electrocompaniet
Jeff Rowland FM Acoustics EMM Labs
Kondo Focal Faroudja
Krell Genesis Garrard
Lumenwhite Greybeard Audio Graham
Lyric Mark Levinson JM Lab
Martin Logan McIntosh Linn
Meadowlark Metronome Magico
MSB Micro Seiki Meridian
NAD Naim Merril
Proceed Palmer Metaxas
Sony Plinius Nakamichi
Soulution Runco Pass Labs
Stax Silverline Revel
Stewart SME Sennheiser
Sumiko Spectral Shunyata
T+A Teac Theta
VAC Totem Triangle ART
Verity Vivid Audio Vertere
Vitus VPI Wilson
Wadia Wisdom Audio YG
Wavelength Zanden Ypsilon
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