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One of a Kind

Although the zebrano collection was created with reflecting on simple lines and the less is better, I wanted to play with the actual necklace part. I had been working on a circular pendant design for weeks unsuccessfully. Every attempt ended up with a broken, chipped, partially torn or split circle. This is a very common result caused by the actual grain pattern in Zebrano wood.
The open circle design has been the most difficult to complete. It was a very special moment when I succeeded, which also prompted me to depart from the standard actual necklace design. That lead to the new idea of starting the “One of a kind” collection, where the pendant can not be removed. Currently, this collection has only a few pieces with hand selected pendants that are some of my favourites.  I am sure I want to spend more time with this new approach, as I have made more pendants that require a unique necklace part.

Pendant: African zebrano wood (tropical wood with alternating grain)
Necklace: copper, but can be removed, if buyer prefers to choose a different look.

Lower serial numbers are more desired by collectors of pARTicular products. As with all creations, Serial No.001 is kept for the owner’s private collection.

Every pendant seen in this Collection will be shipped in a custom made walnut box. We choose to use solid walnut for the box to create a very nice dovetail construction.  It allows you to present the pendant in a very unique and beautiful way.

If you don’t see what you are looking for in this listing, feel free to contact pARTicular via the website.

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