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• Finished walnut with optimus clamps: 25 pounds
• Finished walnut with support-bar-system: 50 pounds
• Acrylic with support-bar-system: 100 pounds.

Note: we have built supportbars to hold 225 pounds per shelf.

For many years, VE have been widely accepted within the audio/video industry for their acoustical isolation properties.

Within pARTicular, they are part of a multi-step-isolation approach to offer superior isolation. They are custom made to our specifications and can’t be compared to standard off the shelf VE. As you know, pARTicular has received numerous international Engineering and Design awards. You can be assured that we have done everything so that your equipment performs at its best.

Place them on top of support-bar and underneath the shelf within the recessed surface of the knurled Aluminum Isolators (AL). Ideally, the VE/AL combo are placed as close as possible to the equipment feet. This provides the shortest traveling distance for resonances into the VE, which leads to faster isolation of the unwanted resonances. This means less exposure of the equipment to its own resonances, which we hear as the better sound in the room.

Cylindrical VE are capable of supporting 10 pounds of weight each.

VE: if you place one of the VE underneath each equipment foot (4) and one in the center of the shelf, you can support 50 lbs. (5 X 10 = 50) pounds. Now subtract the weight of the shelf and one can estimate that your equipment should not be heavier than 42 pounds to offer adequate isolating properties for the equipment.

VE: place the adhesive side of VE inside the AL, the other side is facing towards the shelf.

Research and development have shown that, in general, visco-elastics have only isolating properties when the weightbearing capacity of the VE is not exceeded and/or the VE is not deformed beyond a specific point (even before the maximum weight bearing capacity is reached, for example nonsymmetrical or point compression).

You just learned: 1) know the total weight being placed on the VE (shelf and equipment) and 2) prevent the deformation of the VE by placing it in a recessed surface of al.

The correct use of VE is one of the most inexpensive and correct ways to offer adequate isolation to your equipment. All of our isolation platforms are purchased with VE and AL.

We would recommend to purchase 10.

You can place three on the front part of the shelf, three in the back and three along the centerline of shelf.

The surface area of AL facing towards the support bar is minimized by the recession. The smaller the surface contact, the less resonances from support-bar can be transferred into the VE.

Some customers wanted to have the ability to place a VE as an additional isolation step towards the support-bar. This works well with equipment, where weight distribution is fairly even. Keep in mind that visco-elasics have plasticity and will deform/adapt to the heavier weighted part of equipment. Hence, we recommend to use only one VE per AL for these applications. If necessary, one can support heavier corners of equipment with two separate VE/AL next to each other.

Even such a small item like VE is an intricate part of a sophisticated approach to offer proper isolation to the electronic equipment.

Rest assured, the complete engineering was done in Germany and took considerable time.

Besides the VE and AL, we are using seven different material densities within the suspension frame to optimize the performance of your investment. Yes, you are correct when thinking, that the engineering determined the industrial design, form did followed function. Nevertheless, we enjoy your comments and appreciation for the look, functionality and versatility of our products.

1. CORE + optimus = as non-suspension platform
2. Summit = as semi-suspension platform
3. Triangle = as full suspension platform.

Look at CORE and you will find that you can add to either side as many additional units as you like. You can even build into corners and continue. We have built systems that are 20’wide and 8’tall, displaying everything in the living room, starting with books, tv, glass collections and more.

You can custom order the length of rods and build the shelving like a pyramid, starting low on one side and going up or having both outer parts tall and the center section low to accommodate the plasma on the wall: unlimited options, from different shelf-sizes in width to different depths.

Summit can be extended to either side. You just have to add additional support bars and two rods in front and back. The new support bars will share two existing rods front and back and would connect to the new rods added.

Triangle can be extended to either side as well. Just add one new leg in the front and one new in the back. Connect the new support bars with the existing leg (it can pivot all the way back, so that the 45 degree angle on the top is facing towards you) and with the two new legs. Looking from the ceiling of the room down, you would see two triangles, sharing one leg in the front center.

Yes you can, just add one leg with rod in the back and move the existing rear leg to one side in the back.

The good part: the new support bar system is premachined to do this. No extra expenses as it is part of our philosophy to protect not only your initial investment, but anticipate your future expansion.

They don’t!

The channel’s design allows them to be self-standing. Once the interconnects and power plugs are pulled through the holes, the channel, will be held in place and can’t tip.

Of course, we do it reguarly.

Contact us if you haven’t found what you are looking for. It helps us tremendously if you know what your needs/requirements are. Write them all down. We can make it happen.

The Master Reference Level (MRL) is the very best.

It is using a triple layer sandwich system with constraint layer dampening engineering for the Suspension Frame and a double layer sandwich system with constraint layer dampening for the shelves.

The Master Reference level for Suspension Frame is possible for these products only:

The Master Reference level of engineered shelving is offered for all products.

Tandem, Duetto and Upright have been embraced by those, who want to achieve a cohesive look in their home. All the extrusions are custom made. The material is aircraft grade aluminum. It is the strongest aluminum available, allowing us to create a unique look without having to compromise our industrial design.

Each product comes with so many options that we would have to list hundreds of prices. The very best way to find out accurate pricing is by emailing us your specific needs. The USED Architectural shelving category offers you the convenience to email us answers to a few questions.

Pricing guidelines can also be found on websites listing used products like audigon or ebay.

Custom colors like you see with Montego Blue or Tandem start at $750 (Semi Suspension Frame).

All supension platforms are handsigned and numbered at the top portion of the frame, usually where the stainless steel subframe is mounted.

We do not sign Optimus, Maximus, or Solo.

Serial numbers and their assigned value:

General pricing guidelines:
0002 Purchase price = double of the regular retail price =100%
0003 = 90% Upcharge
0004 = 80% Upcharge
0005 = 70% Upcharge
0006 = 60% Upcharge
0007 = 50% Upcharge
0008 = 40% Upcharge
0009 = 30% Upcharge
0010 = 20% Upcharge

• What is unique with units 0001 to 0009: The complete units are built by Volkmar Druebbisch.

• Units starting with 0011 are completed by the pARTicular team.

They are always welcomed, and we will create the product based on your specifiations and requirements.

Please keep in mind that custom orders are excempt from return and require a 50% deposit to place the order into the manufacturing schedule. We will be ordering the custom materials when your funds have cleared and upon receipt will inform you about the estimated arrival of shipping.

We offer that option, but reserve the right to make it dependent on various facts that will allow us to re-sell the item. We always encourage the seller to use online facilities that specialize in selling used equipment.

In order to minimize shipping cost for worldwide delivery, we are shipping the products disassembled.

The units have won design awards due their simple way to be assembled. The mainframe of Ypsilon, Novus, Summit, Parallel, and Rectangle can be assembled with only two screws.

We have sent out hundreds of units and had never received a unit back for being too difficult to assemble.

As a matter of fact, we never had a customer that purchased our product and didn’t like it.

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