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As you scroll down, you will see that we proudly offer signature pieces. But the heart of our design is our unique, modular, precision-conversion architectural shelving. Both the BASIS and the OPTIMUS are designed to expand, or change, to suit your evolving shelving requirements. With our design concept, you will never lose your initial investment.

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All shelves can be finely adjusted in height, letting you decide precisely where to position the shelf to save space, or to create more space for taller books, or audio/video equipment that needs more air circulation to prevent overheating (tube equipment). Shelves can be added if you need additional storage space for your objects; whether artifacts, minerals, DVDs or CDs. Whatever the final destination, quality crafted stainless steel hardware, and precision-machined parts combined with our passion for building, will guarantee future enjoyment.

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Monorail Our newest shelving design!
We designed Monorail as an alternative to our self-standing architectural shelving. It allows you to mount the shelves in any desired location.

Basis presents the entry-level of pARTicular's Novus-Series.
Optimus is an economical way to start displaying your desired objects functionally.
Fully suspended shelves uncouple vibration sensitive equipment (CD transport, turntable) from floor for best audio performance.
" My grandfather was a master wood sculptor and taught me that the combination of excellent materials and quality craftsmanship are a necessity to create the extraordinary.
Tandem belongs to the Collectors Edition and is the first high performance platform built with aircraft aluminum grade material. 
Ypsilon was honored by the Industrial Design Society of America with the first prize in the category of Audio Video Furniture in January of 1997.
Our entry level amplifier stand, isolating your stereo or mono amplifier from the floo
Inferno belongs to the Collectors Edition and is the first high performance platform built with an acrylic frame.
Duetto is a hand built and engineered high performance loudspeaker platform
Migration was the first sculptural display that was used to showcase fine jewelry.
Montego Blue
Three consecutive Innovation Awards (1997, 1998 and 1999) reflect the successful research and development of pARTicular.
UPRIGHT is a CD or DVD stand complementing the existing Audio-Video- Collection of pARTicular contemporary design.
1998 Showcase Award Winner of the international audio/video furniture competition in both categories.
Our reference amplifier stand, mostly used for monoblock configurations in high-end systems.
Maximus is an individual shelf conversion from Optimus.

Rectangle is designed for TVs up to 40 inches.

Eurythmy is the reference for quality and craftsmanship and assures lasting enjoyment.
Summit is a space saving suspension platform and can accommodate amplifiers underneath.
Triangle offers a new subframe with greater rigidity. It was specifically
designed to isolate turntables, CD transports and other equipment with
mechanically moving parts.
Podium elegantly and comfortably displays your iPod.
Pivot is our new rotation device for any of our award-winning furniture. It is a solution to installers struggle with placing equipment in tight enclosures.
Case is our answer to your request to hide your electronic equipment. Case can be suspended within our award-winning isolation-platforms like Summit, Triangle, Ypsilon, Novus.
Cube is our solution for customers preferring to hide their equipment. It is the smaller brother of Case.

Console is our solution for customers preferring to hide their equipment in a low configuration cabinet.
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Column is our new entry/mid-level speaker stand. Stand height can be made to order. Use with traditional two speaker system, or with home theater surround sound.