Residential / Commercial

We believe that there is a need for new ideas and concepts to guarantee the advancement in chair design. While trying to come up with a chair design over the last years, pARTicular realized that it is difficult to hand build a successful chair reflecting all our demands. One that is functional, comfortable and innovative. Creating multiple prototypes helped us to learn, understand and address the chair's structural integrity, choice of materials, ergonomics, etc. The chair is a daily companion, that should put a smile on your face.


Chair 1
Creating a comfortable chair..
Chair 2
We hand build all our chairs with the eye on ....
Chair 3
We take pride in designing and building furniture that is not only....
A unique design and high quality leather upholstery offers ultimate comfort in style.
European Dream
A modern bed frame designed to hold a superior slat system and latex mattress.
Custom Office
A custom office that can adjust to your changing needs. Add shelves....