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Ypsilon was honored by the Industrial Design Society of America with the first prize in the category of Audio Video Furniture in January of 1997. It was awarded for excellence in Design and Engineering. It is the most audiophile sound-platform on the market. Ypsilon was honored by The Chicago Athenaeum, Museum of Architecture and Design with the prestigious "Good Design Award" in October of 1997. It was also accepted into the museum's permanent design collection.

Features and Benefits:

Body constructed of steel with different densities to break down resonances. (Frame can be filled with lead shot).
Fully suspended shelves are uncoupled from floor to avoid transference of vibrations into sensitive equipment (CD transport, turntable).
Performance shelves control equipment induced resonances (transformer).
Additional shelf allows TV set on top.
Shelves can be easily added or removed.
Dual cable channels separate power plugs and interconnecting cables to prevent electromagnetic interference.
No visible cables, but easily accessible.
Freestanding and open design maximizes the accessibility from all sides, eliminating the problem of reaching cables or removing of equipment
Tripod design allows Ypsilon to be placed in a corner.

H = 48"     D = 33"     W = 31"
Shelf Size= 19"X18"

H = 53"     D = 33"     W = 33"
Shelf Size= 23"X18"

View of Ypsilon from bottom

Ypsilon with Duo

Ypsilon with Duetto and Odysee


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