UPRIGHT is a CD stand complementing the existing Audio-Video Collection of pARTicular.

Shelves can be added at any desired position of a single CD slot. Convert the CD stand to a multi-purpose display of objects you cherish. See pictures below.

Features and Benefits:

UPRIGHT holds a total of 190 CDs.
Multiple UPRIGHTS can be configured to hold large CD collections.
Every CD-title can be easily identified, as titles are facing towards the user.
UPRIGHT is built with aircraft aluminum.
The customer has the choice of a silver or black finish.
The channel can be used to display a certain wood to match other furniture in the existing environment.
UPRIGHT requires a minimum floor space, ideal for apartment set-up.
Freestanding design maximizes the accessibility from all sides.
Easy set-up.
Patent pending

H = 76"




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