Te-a Chair

Chairs have always fascinated us, from a simple kitchen chair to an exclusive one of a kind chair.

It was a specialty exhibition of chairs in the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco that rekindled our interest to design and manufacturer a modern upholstered chair. Two years later we finalized our drawings, making sure that the chair was substantially departing from the usual or classic approach of Chair design. The latest edition of 1000 chairs, Charlotte & Peter Fiell, Taschen, put a smile on our face, as it confirmed that we might have created a new design.

Design is important, but of greater importance to us is comfort. The chair was designed on the basis of being a reading chair. That entailed to offer a comfortable seating position with lumbar and head support. Italian leather was the material of choice, as it offers the longevity, softness and the ability to keep your body warm. Down pillows in combination with Dacron cradle your body and let you fly over chapters of your new book. Hours later you realize that Te-a chair is not only the place to spent time for your afternoon tea or drink. It takes you out into a world where time doesn't matter, but where your body gets the chance to unwind.

Te-a chair has given us so much joy, that we are planing to design a sofa as well. For those moments, where you would rather take a golden nap in the afternoon or even better have room to chair (share).


Height = 37" Width = 32" Depth = 30"