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Linn Summit

Features and Benefits:

SUMMIT requires the LEAST AMOUNT of floor space of all suspended sound-platforms.
Hand signed and numbered.

Fully suspended shelves uncouple vibration sensitive equipment (CD-player, turntable) from floor for best audio performance.

Shelf system allows infinitely adjustment to non-standard components.
Build in conversion from standard to large frame, allowing to increase shelf size from 19" to 23" width.
Shelves can be added to hold new equipment.
No visible cables yet they remain easy accessible.
Materials, features and finishes can be customized.





H= 47" D= 23" W= 26"

Shelf size = 23" x 18"




Please click here to learn how Optimus or Basis can easily be converted into a Summit. With our conversion frame, your initial investment is never lost.

custom Summit

Pictured here are three custom-built Summits with crossgrain hand finished aircraft aluminum frame and corner highlighted finish. Here shown with Boulder gear. Only the best materials and finishes were good enough. Resonance control and isolation are of the highest standards, using seven different material densities and high performance acrylic shelves.

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