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1998 Showcase Award Winner of the international audio/video furniture competition in both categories. Design and Engineering, at the CES'98 in Las Vegas. Parallel is the only platform in the Audio Design Collection where you can place the equipment next to each other. It is ideal for those audiophiles, that prefer a lower frame, but still need the option to fully suspend their equipment. It easily holds six shelves and offers all the options that made Novus the award winner of the international audio furniture competition at the CES'98. The Novus-Series includes the models: Basis, Parallel, Rectangle and Novus.

Also shown (below) is a custom Parallel, triple-wide, offering additional space for the newly purchased components. We have custom built Parallel to hold 12 pieces of equipment, Plasma TV's, complete home theater systems,..... Whatever your needs are , we can make it happen.
See features and benefits below.

Parallel, triple set

Parallel with three bays and custom height.

Features and Benefits:
Hand signed and numbered by designer.

H = 30"    
D = 18"    
W = 54"
Shelf size = 19" x 18"

H = 30"     
D = 18"    
  W = 62"
Shelf size = 23" x 18"

Fully suspended shelves uncouple vibration sensitive equipment (CD transport, turntable) from floor for best audio performance.
First Sound-Platform, offering built in conversion from standard to large frame, allowing the shelf space to increase by 30%.
Design allows upgrade from semi to full-suspended frame to enhance acoustical performance.
Infinitely height adjustment of shelves maximizes shelf spacing for more equipment.
New performance shelves control equipment induced  resonances (transformer).
Freestanding and open design maximizes the accessibility from all sides, eliminating the problem of reaching cables for maintenance.
Increased air circulation for heat producing components  (tube equipment).
Dual cable channels separate power plugs and interconnecting cables to prevent harmful electromagnetic interference.
No visible cables, but easily accessible.
Parallel is easily installed and requires a minimum floor space.
Patent pending.
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