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In many ways, OPTIMUS is the most cost efficient way to display your complete home theater, all the electronic gear, CDs, DVDs, books, plasma screen,.... It will always allow to add shelves for your growing collection. The tripod design can be arranged in various configurations, including corners of meeting walls.

Features and Benefits:

Available upgrade from a tripod to a four-leg version which allows transfer to NOVUS, TANDEM, SUMMIT, PARALLEL and INFERNO.
Tri-pod design allows transfer to Ypsilon and Triangle frames.
Finished maple shelf is an option.
Requires minimum floor space.


H= 42" W = 22" (large 26") D = 19"


Please click here to learn how Optimus or Basis can easily be converted into a Summit. With our conversion frame, your initial investment is never lost.





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Maple Shelving.