Custom Office

People that chose our service for designing and building a custom office are customers who couldn't find an office solution for their needs.

We think, that a professional work environment should include important features like an adjustable table height, plenty of room to lay out your projects in front of you, storage of office supplies and the ability to add space to an existing office system.

The office shown here consisted first of the main table; a customer counter at different height was added with a swivel mechanism later.

In addition, the user should have the option to reconfigure the office in case a move to a different location is necessary. Shelves can be added to hold new equipment, side panels can be exchanged to match new interiors, table extensions in any direction will allow you to optimize your new office.

We believe in our modular principle and it will enable you to focus on your work.


Height = adjustable

Width = 80"

Depth = 36"




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