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Features and Benefits:

Hand signed and numbered by designer.
Fully suspended shelves uncouple vibration sensitive equipment (CD transport, turntable) from floor for best audio performance.
First Sound-Platform, offering built in conversion from standard to large frame, allowing the shelf space to increase by 30%.
Design allows upgrade from semi to full-suspended  frame to enhance acoustical performance.
Infinite height adjustment of shelves maximizes shelf spacing for more equipment.
Shelves can be easily removed or added to change appearance or hold new equipment.
New performance shelves control equipment induced resonances (transformer).
Freestanding and open design maximizes the accessibility from all sides, eliminating the problem of reaching cables for maintenance.
Increased air circulation for heat producing
components (tube equipment).
Dual cable channels separate power plugs and interconnecting cables to prevent harmful electromagnetic interference.
No visible cables, but easily accessible.
Novus is easily installed and requires little floor space.
Patent pending.

H = 47"     D = 22"     W = 36" Shelf Size = 23" X 18"


Below, see how Optimus core, combined with the Novus frame, easily converts into a semi-suspension Novus.

Full-suspension Novus created with an Optimus core.

Semi-suspension Novus with cable channel created with a Basis core.

Novus Frame

Semi-suspension Novus (using Optimus core)


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