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Montego Blue

Three consecutive Innovation Awards (1997, 1998 and 1999) reflect the successful research and development of pARTicular. "We are trying every day to be a step ahead, to find new materials and to apply advanced technologies. Our goal is to introduce new ideas, allowing us to create new standards of state of the art Hi-Fi Sound-Platforms. They should not only be unique, but meet the needs of audiophiles."

Features and Benefits:

Montego Blue is an example of a custom build sound platform. It holds:
SME turntable
2 x M-10 preamplifiers
Ensemble transport DAC 4 SIG.
2 x AN GAKU - ON power amplifiers
Customer aquired rights for materials used (round tubing and engineered shelves; triple layer sandwich system, two constraint layer dampening materials finish =Brazilian ironwood)

Upper Shelves: 13.5" x 22"
Lower Shelves: 26" x 22"




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