Monorail is the alternative to all our self-standing architectural shelving. We designed Monorail, as many of our customers do not want to dedicate any floor space to displaying their valued items. It was designed to be mounted directly to the wall using CNC machined custom hardware. The stainless steel rod allows you to mount the shelves at any desired location, hence making it easy for you to display objects of all various heights.

Of course you can add shelves as you have need for. Additional monorails allow you to extend your complete collections of cherished items as your needs require. With Monorail, you are ready to create the look of walls exactly the way you want it.


Features & Benefits:

• High end aluminum custom machined hardware with special mounting screws and decorative angled cut.

Hardware detail



• Stainless steel rods as sliding pole.

• Custom made shelving to guarantee a quality fit into the CNC machined shelf mounting hardware.

• You can position the shelf off center (protruding further to one side than the other) or using the stainless steel pole as designated center line to display equal protrusion.
• Decorative end-caps for the top of the stainless steel pole.


Rod length: Standard = 40," Long = 68 "

Shelf: W = 20," D = 6," H = 3/4"

Shelf material: solid zebrano with oil finish.

Monorail as an integrated art piece.
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