The Audio Design Collection has been displayed at High-End-Audio trade shows with leading audio equipment companies. Among those are: Balanced Audio Technology, Audio Research, Mark Levinson, Revel, Wadia, Albert von Schweikert, ESP, Hales Design Group, VPI, SME, Benz Graham, Wadia, Mesa Boogie, Musical Surroundings, Melos, Theta, Classé, Boulder, VTL, Goldmund, JM-Lab, Proceed, Platinum, Vidicron, Conrad Johnson, Mc Cormack, Clear Audio, Z-Systems, Audioprism, Totem, Greybeared Audio, Genesis, Runco Electrocompaniet, Linn Products, Naim, Nagra and others.

Features and Benefits:

Limited edition.
Hand signed and numbered by artist.
Body constructed of steel.
Illuminated 3/4" glass or Lexan shelves and ambient lighting.
No visible cables, but easily accessible.
Customization available.
Easy to install.

H = 50" D = 33" W = 28"




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