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Shelves come in 3 materials: piano black acrylic, opaque acrylic, and walnut.

New: We now design two styles of walnut shelving.
• Our standard walnut shelving for entry level products, the Optimus and the Maximus.
• Our new European Walnut Plus shelving, with a solid European walnut edge-contoured banding (please scroll down, or click here to see). It is
available for Parallel, Summit, Novus, Rectangle, Solo, Duo+Basis.

Click an image below to see full-page example of shelf material in use.

Piano black acrylic
(high-performance acrylic)

Opaque acrylic

Walnut finished
(wood veneer)

Specifications to Finish/Material Thickness:

All shelves have one superior


Acrylic shelves are 1/2' thick; walnut comes in 3/4" thickness.

Walnut Plus shelves have edge-banded sides.

Walnut Plus shelf

Corner detail: Walnut Plus

..Visco-elastics /Aluminum Discs

Visco-elastics and aluminum discs can be used individually or in combination when placed as isolators between support bar and shelf to increase the performance of electronic equipment.

Wood Inlays:
Wood inlays are optional and available in walnut.

Click on the following products to see examples of wood inlays: Duetto, Tandem, and Upright.

Frame Colors:
Black is the standard for all units. Other colors can be specified as custom option. Click on following products to see examples of custom color: Tandem (midnight blue), Montego Blue (montego blue) and Summit (yellow).

Hand-finished brushed aluminum is also available. Click on Eurythmy to see brushed aluminum.