Dimensions: H = 21” D = 20.5” W = 24.5”

Features & Benefits:

CUBE is our solution for customers preferring to hide their equipment. It is the smaller brother of CASE, offering 19” x 18” interior shelving dimensions. It easily holds three pieces of equipment inside and one on top which can be an oversized turntable or a top loading CD player.


The cabinet is very rigid because top and bottom are mounted with aluminum angles to the side panels. This allows accommodation of heavy equipment, yet the open back allows for the necessary air-circulation of tube gear.

CUBE can be used as a freestanding unit. It can be wall mounted right underneath your plasma or LCD screen to house the electronic gear; hide the cabling, hide the center loudspeaker.

The cabinet is CNC pre-machined to allow the transfer into our award winning architectural shelving systems, e.g. Summit, Novus, Tandem, Triangle, Ypsilon and Inferno.

Finishes include hand-selected European walnut, American Cherry and Maple with beautiful grain pattern to match your existing home décor.

All shelves are infinitely adjustable inside the cabinet. This allows for great air circulation /ventilation for tube equipment, while offering the best resonance control for the electronic equipment.

Cube suspended in custom Novus frame with custom "RAW-finish"

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Continuous grain over top.
Interior shelves are offered with matched wood.


Adjustable Cone

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