Our unique modular precision design allows Optimus or Basis to be easily converted into a Parallel, Rectangle, Inferno, Tandem, Novus, or Summit. Optimus with three stainless steel rods can be converted into our award winning tripod designs, Ypsilon and Triangle. No matter which conversion you select, your initial investment is protected - and you will be able to reconfigure your display for all your future needs. Another important value!

Example: Converting Optimus into a Summit - or a Novus.

Start with Optimus.
Semi-suspension Summit.

The four quick steps to change your Optimus into a semi-suspension Summit are:

1. Remove two endcaps from rear rods of Optimus.

2. Loosen the screw that secures all clamps to the rod on left rear rod.

3. Pre-threaded rod is pushed up and screwed securely into the top portion of frame.

4. Repeat with right rear rod.
Conversion of Optimus to Summit is complete.


  The images below show the Novus frame, and the Optimus converted to Novus.
(To see the Optimus converted to full-suspension Novus, please scroll down.)
Novus Frame. First upgrade to semi-suspension Novus.

Optimus converted to a full-suspension Novus