Chair 3

We take pride in designing and building furniture that is not only functional, but incorporates the understanding of ergonomic features. We do not believe in the chair that has been built only for the purpose of making an artistic statement. Three years of building prototypes helped us to arrive at a junction, where we can say that we accomplished one of our goals. Namely, no matter what kind of function the chair was built for, it is our belief that you should enjoy a comfortable seating position. We will continue to reevaluate all our furniture, as there is always room for improvement. Comments from our customers and friends lead us to believe that Chair 3 is not just another chair.

Features and Benefits:

Handmade and signed.
No pressure points on spine due to open structure of back support.
Back support flexes to accommodate various seating positions.
Customizable seat depth and seat height available to reflect customers anatomy.
Easy to assemble.

Dependent on the individual

Metal frame, hardware, wood, leather