Basis represents the foundation of the performance series,  allowing to be upgraded to a NOVUS, SUMMIT, PARALLEL, TANDEM, and INFERNO suspension platforms.
Features and Benefits:
Specifically designed and engineered Sound-Platform for A/V equipment.
Two additional rods and support bars (extension-kit) allow to connect multiple units, which creates additional space for TV, CD storage, books, center loudspeaker, etc.
Infinite height adjustment of shelves.
Shelves can be added for new equipment.
Freestanding design allows easy access to back of equipment.
Patent pending.

H = 36"     D = 18"     W = 22"
Shelf size = 19" x 18"
H = 43"     D = 18"     W = 26
Shelf size = 23" x 18"

Please click here to learn how Optimus or Basis can easily be converted into a Summit. With our conversion frame, your initial investment is never lost.

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