wins a Best of CES Innovation 2010 Award

"Spectacular, clever, luscious, elegant, the list is exhaustive; these pieces of furniture are truly remarkable."

pARTicular. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, the name of this company is really spelled that way and it is not the only thing unique about this manufacturer of audio and video racks and furniture, far from it; it is rather where it all begins and this guy got it right, articulating his designs around a rare technical expertise.

Modern Design Furniture, made in USA by pARTicular.

The level of finish is exemplary and the detailed attention to the coupling and decoupling of the shelves is well thought through, logical, obvious.

Volkmar Druebbish, manager and designer, makes it a point of personal pride to conceive state of the art shelves and furniture as he believes that if one is going to put a piece of high quality equipment on a shelf, it should offer the absolute best level of performance possible. For this reason pARTicular gets the prize for Innovation and Design.

Chatting with Volkmar he indicated that he discarded materials like glass, MDF and granite a long time ago after coming to the conclusion that their performance level was unsuitable for his purpose. He rather uses acrylic, wood and aluminum which resonances are far more easily controlled. He uses steel primarily to build the frames and carrying structures.

Being an audio furniture manufacturer myself I was very interested and impressed by the workmanship from this designer. His logic, although different from mine, resonates true with me and we converge on the question of actual listening results.

Take a moment to go and visit pARTIcular’s website and learn more about them; many pictures and explanations will help you better understand the philosophy of the brand in a market that does not always fully care or understand. Luckily for them, we talk about it regularly and audio shows provide an opportunity for more visibility to make audio furniture a reality, just knowing how much of an impact an audio support can have, either coloring the sound or limiting dynamics. Only folks who have experimented broadly know how impactful the support will be so give it a try for yourself and find out.


Detailed view of the coupling / decoupling system of the shelves
Volkmar, would it be possible to have a few words from your experience at the CES show this year?

Hi Marc,
The show has been good to us with a few new accounts and overall wonderful response for our new isolation platform Triangle with luxury edition finish on a air-craft-grade aluminum, as well as our new entry-level loud-speakerstand Column.

We appreciate at your professional presentation and wish you all the best for 2010, especially health and joy.

Volkmar Druebbisch
209-293-1188 office

Manager : Volkmar Druebbisch
888 Starry Night Lane
Rail Road Flat, CA 95248
United States
Site du manufacturier :
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