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pARTicular creates objects, functional art and environments for residential and commercial use. Our industrial design service includes collaboration with architects and other professionals, as well as all stages of product research and development. The assignment is only completed when the client enjoys the finished project.

The Audio Design Collection and the development of a functional and modern residential furniture line are the focus of Volkmar Drübbisch, pARTicular's designer and owner.

This audio and video furniture collection is specifically designed and crafted to merge audio performance with contemporary design excellence, while introducing innovative concepts.

pARTicular has participated in the CES each year from 1997 through 2010.

Design Awards:

In 1997,1998 1999 and 2001, the Industrial Design Society of America honored pARTicular with the "International Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Award." The introduction of Ypsilon, Novus, Tandem and Duetto created new standards, which are considered the reference within the industry.

Other awards include:
the prestigious Good Design Award in 1997, the Vitra Design Museum award in 2001, the California Design Award in 2003, and the Magazine Audio Award For Innovation and Design in 2010.

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"Innovative elegance and simplicity of form and function are a reflection of my desire to create an exceptional piece with ardent devotion to detail. My goal of design excellence is fulfilled when you enjoy resting your eyes on my finished work."

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VolkmarVolkmar Drübbisch

Lining up shelves' wood grain

Support bar production is in shop

Cabinet building area of shop